Accounting Concepts

Accounting Concepts



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Course Description

Course Description

For multi-storeyed house, foundation of the house needs to be firm and solid and we strongly apply in this principle with building multi-success careers. Amzine accounting concepts course not only act as refersher but also addresses any gaps in understanding in deploying these principles in the practical world.</div >

Course Summary

  • Strengthen the basic concepts with practical examples
  • Develop deep understanding of foundational principle guiding the accounting logics
  • Case studies and scenario analysis for concept testing

Course Curriculum

  1. Basic Rules Of Accounting
  2. Business Entity Concept
  3. Money Measurement Concept
  4. Request to Reset Password
  5. Going Concern Concept
  6. Cost Concept
  7. Dual Aspect Concept
  8. Accounting Period Concept
  9. Matching Concept
  10. Accrual Concept


Prof Rajan

Rajan brings vast experience in managing accounts and GST Compliance for various organizations. Rajan brings blended learning approaches to deliver practical lessons to student at varying level of concept understanding

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