Accounting Concepts For Beginners

Accounting Concepts For Beginners



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Course Description

Institute For Accounting Concepts For Beginners in Jalandhar

Amzine allows you to oversee, review and maintain the right accounting books for your financial and business needs. Real-world experts will show you the ins and outs of bookkeeping through easy, step-by-step instructions and hands-on exercises. Our faculty will help you with tools, concepts, and approaches that make the bookkeeping process simpler, and more accurate with accounting standards.

Course Summary: Accounting Concepts For Beginners Training in Jalandhar

The design of the course is done in such a form that when a student works, he can easily fulfill the needs of the clients. The training is provided on the updated version of Basic Accounting. Emphasis is given to each and every topic regular test is conducted. Amzine being an ISO Certified Institute the Quality of the training is always high.

Course Curriculum of Basic Accounting

  1. Basic Rules of Accounting
  2. Business Entity Concept
  3. Money Measurement Concept
  4. Going Concern Concept
  5. Cost Concept
  6. Dual Aspect Concept
  7. Accounting Period Concept
  8. Matching Concept

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