Finalization of Account and Balance Sheet

Finalization of Account and Balance Sheet



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Course Description

Institute For Finalization of Account and Balance Sheet in Jalandhar

Amzine understands the importance of accurate book closure and account finalization to ensure compliance, business visibility, and banking needs. Amzine enables you with the right framework, software, and knowledge to accurately finalize accounts in a timely manner.

Our experts will walk you through various industry-specific nuances that allow you to develop domain-specific expertise and create differentiation in the job market.

Course Summary: Finalization of Account and Balance Sheet Training in Jalandhar

The design of the course is done in such a form that when a student works, he can easily fulfill the needs of the clients. The training is provided on the updated version of the Finalization of Account and Balance Sheet. Emphasis is given to each and every topic regular test is conducted. Amzine being an ISO Certified Institute the Quality of the training is always high.

A balance sheet is one of the reports of a financial statement that provides the financial condition on a given date. An entity’s balance sheet provides a lot of information that can be used to analyze financial stability and business performance. The balance sheet is a report version of the accounting equation that is a balance sheet equation where the total of assets always is equal to the total of liabilities plus the shareholder’s capital.

  • Understand the framework for accurate, timely book finalization.
  • Case studies and industry-specific nuances delivered by industry experts.
  • Develop expertise in interlinking various financial statements.

Course Curriculum of Finalization of Account nad Balance Sheet

  1. Uses and importance of financial statements
  2. Grouping of accounts with appropriate account heads
  3. Preparation of Trial Balance
  4. Preparation of Trading Account
  5. Preparation of Profit & Loss Account
  6. Finalization of accounts of professional and consultants
  7. Preparation of Financial Statements with Notes & Schedules
  8. Reviewing and Evaluating Financial Statement
  9. Adjustment Entries While Preparing Final Accounts
  10. Verification of Profits in relation to past year Profits

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