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Your Excel skills could land you your next job

When it comes to hunting for a job, perhaps the nerdiest skill you can put on your resume may be the one that sends you over the top.

High proficiency in software like Microsoft Excel is increasingly helping people land jobs, the Wall Street Journal reports based on data from career analysis firm Burning Glass Technologies.

The focus here is on middle-skill jobs that require a high school degree but not necessarily a college education. The study found that 78% of these jobs require digital skills like Excel and word processing.

The study also found that middle-skill jobs in which digital capabilities are important than other positions.

So Would you love to be hired and able to work through spreadsheets like magic?

I cannot say enough how freeing it is to be able to have an intuitive idea of what you want to do in Excel, and be able to execute that idea through a mastery of the tool but surely learning Ms Excel is gaining a skill that can land you to a good job and help in everyday life.

So What are you waiting for?
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